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WordPress WhatsApp Broadcast

If you need to Broadcast a Message to a group with WhatsApp you can do that using the feature called “Broadcast List”.

This option inside WhatsApp gives you the chance to send a Message to a list of up to 256 users. This is a very restricted limitation from WhatsApp that makes “Broadcast list” a user tool more than a business tool. For Business it is normal to have thousands of customers in your WooCommerce store and 256 users is very low to use it as an every day tool to send messages.

256 users is a number that can be ok for a company, employees, providers, sports, teachers… but not for WooCommerce stores where we will hit that limit very easily.

To send a Message from WordPress to the Broadcast List, you can copy and paste the URL and prepare the message. Once your are ready, just send it.



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