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Wix WhatsApp Plugin

Wix is a very popular platform for creating a Website. Wix is as relevant in the market as Square or some other solutions for creating websites. Wix is simple, easy to use and a cheap solution to start your website.

Price plans for Wix starts at 8,50 per month. It is not free, but it is very cheap. You can buy some domain and install WordPress for half that price, but Wix will give you some services that will make your life a bit easier.

Also WordPress is a bit more complex for the average user.

If you want to start with a simple to use solution, Wix is a very good alternative.

How to add WhatsApp to Wix

If you want to add WhatsApp to Wix, you can use this free solution.

This solution will require some code you need to configure, but it is very easy to use.


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