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Why People Shop Online

With the advancements in modern technology, there has been a change in how we buy things. First, only the rich would be able to purchase clothes, drinks and even furniture. Then, over the course of the years more and more people started being able to buy their needs and a couple of decades later, globalisation started, where everything was everywhere and people from one point of the globe could buy something from another corner of the Earth. Moreover, online shopping has expanded this increasingly fast over the last few years. Thanks to sites such as Amazon and many other , buying things of our interest has not been easier than ever.


Some advantages that online shopping has created are. You can buy essentially anything from your phone that is on the market in less than a minute thanks to the connection that these sites have with the Internet and WhatsApp. You can buy from clothes, to furniture and even a present for a distant relative and ship it right at their doorstep… Another advantage is that the food industry has also submerged themselves into the online world. This enables you to have the food come to you instead of otherwise thanks to apps such as Glovo and JustEat. The list goes on with the advantages of online shopping  such as the quickness that it has or the varieties that each category has.


On the counterpart, as listed before, an advantage may be the ability to ship items you buy to relatives whom might live on another continent, therefore the disadvantage of this is how long the shipping can take, especially with private online shops. These sites are not as globalised as others such as Amazon, instead, this sites can take weeks, even months to some extent to deliver these packages. Another disadvantage is that sometimes your shipping can be incorrect and might be sent to someone else. This is a worst case scenario but if it were to happen, there is not much that can be done.


After taking into account both sides of the argument, it cannot be denied that the advent of the Internet and therefore online shopping has facilitated our lives in ways we would never deem imaginable  despite the fact that there may be some problems that come along with it


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