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WhatsApp me plugin

WhatsApp Me plugin – What is it?

WhatsApp Plugin for WordPress is a free plugin that enables WhatsApp conversations from your website. It is not about emails or forms anymore. It is about WhatsApp. Real time communication. Look around and tell yourself how often are you using Email and WhatsApp. Email is load with CC that you do not need, Spam and more Spam. WhatsApp is all about relevant communication with your customers and users. Your leads, your investors. If it is something you need, you will use WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Me plugin – Who can use it?

WhatsApp Me is the perfect solution for any WordPress owner willing to have more interaction with your customers. If you want to convert visitors into customers, visitors into leads, visitors into clients, you need to generate interaction. You need to generate conversations. You need to understand what your customer need. Is the price right, how long does it take to send it, can you personalice some aspects… there are a million questions your customers may want to know and understand better about your website, business, online store before buying your product.

WhatsApp me is the best solution to have the conversation started.

WhatsApp me plugin – How to install it?

We think the process to install WhatsApp me is quite simple. Just go to “Plugins” inside your WordPress website and “Add new”.

Once you are there, you need to search for “WhatsApp me”. Once you find our plugin, just install it. Then you need to activate it. It is a second click to have the plugin ready to go.

Then you need to go to “Settings” inside the plugin and add your phone number. Until you do that, there is no activation of the plugin and the WhatsApp Icon will not be feature in your website. So you need to follow these instructions carefully to have the plugin working in your website.

WhatsApp me plugin – What about GDPR?

We do not want to read your messages. That is it. Any other Chat solution will be reading your messages and analysing your data. We do not do that. It is your business, it is your personal relationship with your customers. We do not save, store or read and message you have with your customers. So we are totally GDPR compliant. It is your data, it is save in your WhatsApp channel and belongs to you.

WhatsApp me plugin – How to track clicks with Analytics?

This is one of the most request features and we think we nail it. Just install the plugin, check that your Google Analytics is properly install and we will take care of everything else. You do not need to do anything else. The plugin will create events in your Google Analytics every time there is a click in the icon. That way you can track how well or bad your WhatsApp channel is performing.

If you have 1,000 visitors and 20 clicks, then you have 2% conversion rate.

  • How to increase your conversion rate?
  • How to generate more leads from online visitors?
  • How to increase sales?

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