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WhatsApp GDPR policy

Do you need to ask for consent to have a WhatsApp chat with a new customer?

No. If the customer sends you a message, you do not need to ask for consent. He is asking for some information and you are replying to that information. We should keep the conversation regarding the question and anything else.

Can I send information to a customer who contacts me with WhatsApp?

No. You will need to have a consent to send him further information unless is something that complements the initial query. For example if a customer asks about delivery times, you can send him a delivery time table, but you can not send him a promotion or a coupon.

Can I send a promotion with WhatsApp to a customer who already accept my privacy policy?

Yes. If the customer has already accept privacy policy and communications, you can send a promotion. The promotion must be about your company and products. You can not cross products, services neither talk about other companies unless is explicitly indicated.

The communication with a customer should be “business as usual”. If you have new features, releases, events, you should communicate in a normal way. If a customer wants to change its preferences you must provide an easy way to do it.

If the customer explicitly indicates he does not want any communication, just do it. That means, you should have a group of users with commercial communications on and a group of users with commercial communications off. That way you will treat your customers the proper way.

My company in not in Europe, but I have European customers. Do I need to adapt to GDPR?

Yes. GDPR aims to companies in Europe and customers in Europe. GDPR is something good. You need to adapt your system and application to some basic rules to give the user the control about their information. Is something good for you and your company.

My company is in Europe, but my customers are overseas. Do I need to adapt to GDPR?

Yes. GDPR aims to companies base in Europe. You need to adapt and offer your customers the tools to have control over their accounts. Is that easy.

WooCommerce offers GDPR support?

By default, WordPress and WooCommerce are GDPR compliance. But what you do with the data is up to you.

  • Avoid Spam
  • Avoid selling your database
  • Avoid sharing sensitive data with third parties
  • Avoid the use of data for other matters for which it was designed
  • Avoid automated messages or robo calls

Make a smart use of the technology and be transparent and clear with your customers. Love your customers and they will love you back.


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