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WhatsApp for WordPress – Free Plugin

You need to install now WhatsApp for WordPress. WAme is the best free tool to have WhatsApp in your Website.

But, Why you need to have WhatsApp for your Website?

You need to engage with your customers every day to increase sales. You need to talk to your visitors to learn more about their needs, their requests, their ideas.

To increase your sales you need to talk to your customers.

  • Email is an option, but younger customers do not care about email.
  • Forms is an option, but that goes to the Spam folder almost by default.
  • WhatsApp is personal, easy to use and in real time.

Who is using WhatsApp?

Almost 1 billion users are using WhatsApp every day.

WhatsApp is very secure and reliable. You can add photos, attachments, locations, links and youtube videos.

WhatsApp is by far the best option for a Chat in your Website.

Can I automate WhatsApp?

Yes we offer chat bots inside WhatsApp. Contact us for more information.

Can I create Automated Messages with WhatsApp in WordPress?

Yes, WhatsApp for Business enables automation with “quick replies”.

Can I integrate WhatsApp with Google Analytics?

Yes, WAme offers this integration by default. You do not need to do anything. Install the plugin and we will configure everything for you.





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