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Whatsapp click to chat plugin for WordPress

How to add WhatsApp to your WordPress site

1. Install our WordPress plugin

To do this in your WordPress control panel, you have to go to plugins and install the plugin.

Find the name of the plugin in the search box and when you see our plugin give it to install and activate.

Download the plugin for WhatsApp from the WordPress website.

2. Configure the plugin

The configuration options of «WhatsApp Me» are inside Plugins> WhatsApp me.

You have to go to this section to put your mobile phone and that the plugin works correctly. If you do not take this step, you will have the plugin installed, but it will not work.

3. Add your mobile phone

Now you are on your configuration screen. Add your mobile phone, auto-reply messages and any other option you want to configure.

The configuration options of WhatsApp Me will allow you to create something more than a “click to Whatsapp”. You can add personalized messages, capture data from your web page in the message, add messages for specific pages and measure the use of WhatsApp with Google Analytics.

4. Select in which pages of your WordPress you want your WhatsApp button to appear

WhatsApp allows you to indicate in which pages you want your WhatsApp button to appear. By default it will appear in all your web, but if you want to exclude, include some type of content, you can do it from the advanced options.


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