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WhatsApp Chatbot

If you want to put a ChatBot on your website and also use WhatsApp in WhatsApp me you have the solution.

How to make a Chat Bot with WhatsApp?

To make a ChatBot with WhatsApp we help you integrate your content with WhatsApp. The objective is that from your WhatsApp channel you can solve the most frequent doubts about your company automatically. Saving time in support is essential, so that your sales team is focused on sales and not on support.

Should I have an account in DialogFlow?

Yes, in order to use the WhatsApp Chat Bot you need me to have a Dialog Flow account. Dialog Flow is a free tool from Google that allows you to create automated conversations. From WhatsApp we can support you to create these automated messages in Dialog Flow.

How do I structure the content for my Chat Bot?

Think that the contents for a Chat Bot are very different from any other type of content. If in a blog we are going to write a lot in detail, in a Chat Bot we have to emulate a human conversation to the fullest. Short, clear phrases and above all giving as direct a response as possible. For this, he thinks you need to spend time creating this content. You may have an existing content database in your frequently asked questions or in your call center. Moving that content to a Chat Bot requires some content editing. Think that you will have to spend a hundred time generating those phrases.

How do I activate my Chat Bot with WhatsApp?

For that step you need to contact us. WhatsApp me offers you the possibility to activate your Chat Bot, but it is our development. Write us and we will help you automate your response to the client with a Chat Bot based on WhatsApp.


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