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What about the GDPR? Data protection and the use of WhatsApp

We want you to be calm and know that we do not have access to your messages or keep any data from your website. Your data is yours and we do not have access to any information you send to your customers.

WhatsApp by default encrypts all your messages

The good thing about using WhatsApp is that all the messages are encrypted and therefore neither we nor a third party could have access to the information between your clients or users and you. WhatsApp encrypts all messages and nobody can read the messages that you exchange in your communications.

Respect the privacy of your clients

On the other hand, it is very important to respect the privacy of your users and customers to the maximum and if someone asks you to delete them from your contact list or if someone asks you not to receive more messages, just do it and do not send spam. WhatsApp has a very strict policy on Spam and your phone could be blocked.

WhatsApp Me does not save any personal data and does not use cookies.


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