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Tips to sell more using WhatsApp

In WAme we love «calls to action«. We know that they work, we know that they convert and, above all, we know that they help generate more sales. On Twitter there is a lot of advice and here we summarize some ideas that we have found in the hands of César Astudillo who is a specialist in the user experience.

Tips for making an effective call to action on WhatsApp

  1. It works from internalizing and applying knowledge, not from following formulas. There is a lot of literature available. Social test, aversion to loss …
  2. Do not think of persuasion as an ingredient, but as a spice. In particular like nutmeg: below the threshold of perception, delicious; if its aroma prevails over that of the ingredients, bad for the product; in excessive doses, toxic.
  3. Do not lie. Do not make statements contrary to the facts. Example: do not say “there are only 3 units left” unless there are only 3 units left. Do not say “the offer expires in 2 hours” unless the offer expires in 2 hours.
  4. In calls to action, do not hide or obfuscate the negative aspects of the action. Example: to put enormous the attractive price of promotion of the first months of a subscription, and that it is necessary to be a detective to know what will be the price later.
  5. Follow the principle of disclosure. Imagine that a journalist publishes a report in a medium of high audience about the persuasion tactics that you use. They call you to give your version. Are you in good place? What explanations do you give? If the idea bothers you, do not do it.

Tips offered by @cesarastudillo on your Twitter account.


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