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Should a client give consent for communications by WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one more channel of communication. Like the email or an online form.

It is very important to be respectful with customers and avoid abuse of your trust and time with us.

Some basic guides to communicate with your customers with WhatsApp

  1. If you write the client asking, you can answer to that questions. That is, if the client writes directly to us we can respond to that query, but you can not send more information. We can only respond to the inquiry. We will not be able to store that phone for other communications.
  2. You can not use that new phone to send anything later, unless you sign an express consent to receive commercial communications or finally hire a services.
  3. In case of contracting services, the number may be used for everything related to the provision of services.
  4. If the phone is from a customer who has already contracted something with you, you can communicate with them as usual. A client has already given his consent for you to contact him. It is important to review in your contract how you have defined the means of communication.

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