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Sell Real State with WhatsApp

Usar WhatsApp para vender pisos y apartamentos

New project

From Peru, this amazing project.
This amazing building is using WhatsApp to reach no customers and sell all the units they have.

WhatsApp next to the website of a real estate agency in WordPress is probably the best combination you can have to close more sales, faster.

Your website is WordPress

Many real estate agencies or holiday rental agencies have a WordPress website where they show their properties and availability. These websites are usually the point of contact for clients looking for properties to buy or rent.

In the case of the purchase or rental of homes or apartments, real estate agencies offer product listings where they detail all the information about the property with, in some cases, a contact form to request more information.

Usar WhatsApp para vender pisos y apartamentos

The contact form is not a real-time tool. People expect the response to arrive the next day (hopefully) by cooling the sales and customer acquisition process. A chat allows that recruitment process to be made hot by making an appointment, expanding the information and making the funnel conversion faster..

Solve common doubts in an agile way

A client who accesses our website may want to request a visit as soon as possible. You may want to make a reservation in the case of rental apartments. You may want more information to discard, or not, the property at that time (has a doorman, has parking, has a pool …).

Resolver dudas comunes de una forma ágil

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Add a WhatsApp chatbox to your WordPress site

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