WhatsApp catalogs for Black FridayCatalog WhatsApp Business

Thanks to the new functionality we can offer customers our catalog of products and services Since the beginning of November we already have our mindset in online buyer mode It seems that we are already predisposed in November to go shopping online with the credit card, ready to use Google and buy cheaper. Our brain […]

Labels for contacts for WhatsApp Business in iOS

Finally iOS users will have labels for WhatsApp Business contacts. This is a very important feature for managing your contacts in WhatsApp. When you add WAme.chat to your website you will manage hundreds of new customers and you need to organice your contacts beyond name. The labels WhatsApp for Business give you are great to […]

Customize the WhatsApp icon in your WordPress

In this new version of WhatsApp Widget that you can use for free we have added two new options that you have asked us frequently. 1. Change the photo of the icon. Now you can upload a photo or an animated gif that will alternate with the WhatsApp icon that we set by default. It […]

Show the WhatsApp chat button in only one specific URL on a wordpress site?

User question: How do we show the WhatsApp chat button in only one specificĀ URL on a WordPress site? I couldn’t find an option under Advanced settings in WordPress after installing your plugin. To do this you need to: – Go to advance and click invisible everywhere. – Then go to the post where you want […]

Whatsapp Chat Link

Create your free link to WhatsApp using this tool. Add your phone number with country code and no + symbol. And add your custom message to start the conversation with your users.

How to create WhatsApp link for my number

This is very simple. If you want to “create whatsapp link” just go to this free tool. We offer you a very easy to use form to create your WhatsApp link. How to create your WhatsApp link step by step Step by step guide. Creating a link from Instagram to WhatsApp We did this SlideShare […]