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Profile Image for WhatsApp – Size

The best size of your profile picture is 1920×1920. Use the best camera and the best phone you can find to make the photo and create your profile.

The size of the image in a large phone can be up to 500px x 500px.

  • For big smartphones, the WhatsApp profile picture size should be at least 192×192 pixels.
  • But if you are using any smaller phone (less than 4 inches), then the minimum supported size of WhatsApp profile picture is 140×140 pixels.
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Add your profile picture in your WhatsApp Widget

In your website you can have a cool free widget with WhatsApp. This free widget allows you to add your agents profile picture. The profile picture will be presented in your widget and will increase the engagement with your users. To install this widget you need to create a free account.

Profile picture in WhatsApp

This is the most common format of the images.
A rounded crop of the profile image.

If the users click on the profile picture, by default you will see a square picture. For this format you need a large image.

Sometimes if the user goes to the profile they can also find a rectangle format. This crop is automatic and will be done automatically by WhatsApp.

Always use a profesional picture. You can use the logo of your company or a photo of your store or products.
Avoid personal pictures, parties, doing sport… Make your profile picture a business card for your customer.

Creating a positive first impression is key to create trust with your customer.

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Profesional Profile Photo

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