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Plugin chat whatsapp wordpress

Yes, you need a plugin to chat with your customers in your WordPress site.

If you are selling online and you want to increase your conversion rate, WAme is the plugin you are looking for.

Why you need a plugin to chat

We know there are a million tools to increase conversions in your online store, but so far the one we know is more effective is the Chat. Customers want to solve questions about your products, pricing, delivery conditions, alternatives, promotions, coupons…

A quick reply can close the sale. Forms, emails, are dead ends for customers. They get lost in the spam, promotions folder, is not friendly, email means work… Do not even think about email as a tool to make sales. For support maybe is an option. For sales use a chat.

How to add a chat in your WordPress site

WordPress offers a very easy and secure way to add plugins into your site. Just go to “Plugins”,

search for “WhatsApp” and you will find the options WordPress offers for WhatsApp chat. Click “install” and then “activate”. Plugins from WordPress are more secure and are tested by the WordPress team. Plugins from outside WordPress are less stable and secure. We recommend to use the official WordPress site to get your plugins.

How to use WhatsApp with WordPress

Now that you have our fantastic plugin for WordPress, you can start chatting with your customers with WhatsApp. You will be amaze how your conversion rate is going to increase with this simple tool.

There is more to do:


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Pon Whatsapp en tu web ya!