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Live chat for Residential and Online Schools

Interview with Robert Iannacone is a Subject Matter Expert with Live chat.

 He has over a decade of experience working for fortune 500 companies at the C Level.

In hire education sector he was the POC implementing live chat for a University that was a subsidiary of the Washington post. He is a SME with Live chat a channel that was a key contributor to the phenomenal growth of the schools both domestic and International.

Acquisition of customers, users, students…

Live chat  for both Residential and Online Schools

  • Acquisition – Use Live Chat  routing mechanism to engage prospective attendees for a specific event, whether it’s enrolment, financial aid or other on-boarding event
  • Acquisition –  Decrease your acquisition cost by allowing Enrolment Specialists to chat with more than one prospective student at a time.
  • Acquisition – Target prospective students on other online sources besides the schools branded website. These could include social networks like Twitter or Facebook, as well as other sites and web properties where your school or university is represented via advertising or targeted content.
  • Acquisition – Utilize Live Chat content targeting to deliver custom/ segmented information to branded website visitors when chat/voice agents are not available.
  • Acquisition – Use 3rd party tool that scores applicants and utilize that scoring to facilitate predictive targeting of high value applicants.
  • Acquisition – Include a contact strategy within different marketing vehicles like radio, TV, and email marketing to allow direct connection to your chat sales agents
  • Acquisition – Utilize a contact strategy within the lead nurturing cycle to increase conversion percentage.
  • Retention – Provide an online engagement mechanism to allow existing students to reach out to your school’s support teams for assistance. This could be done via student portal sites or social network
  • Retention – Send out drip email campaigns with chats embedded in them to help with new students and drop rates


  • Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable measurements that are critical success factors toward your organisation’s goals.
  • Number of conversions in an hour (Varies)
  • Utilisation Rate –Target = 85%
  • Chats in an hour –Target = 10-15
  • Exit Survey Satisfaction rate –Target = > 8.8
  • Time in not available state (Away) =< 45 min

Measuring Conversions 

The ultimate contribution of any initiative, including chat, should be measured by incremental sales. A sale begins with lead activity. The best way to measure the contribution of chat is to compare chat assisted conversions to self-serve conversions (visitors completing a request for information form or an application online). That calculation helps determine the incremental sales number.

Incremental conversion formula is the chat conversion rate (CCR), minus the self-service conversion rate (SSCR), times the number of interactive chats (IC)

(CCR-SSCR)*IC = Incremental Sales. This calculation ensures that you are not focusing on sales that would have otherwise been completed by the visitor (cannibalisation)


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