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How to increase sales in WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform. Part of the success is the connection they have with WordPress. If you have a blog, you can create your online store in a few clicks.

In order to create your online store, the first step is to create a website. Is a good first step to create an online presence and create an audience. Conversion rates are a crucial part for online stores. The average conversion rate is around 1% – 3%. That means you need to have a good number of visitors to start generating online sales. If you have 1,000 visitors per month, that means you can have 10 potential customers.

So if you have a web site, if you have traffic, then you can think about creating a store online.

WhatsApp me will be the perfect companion for this adventure. WhatsApp me is the best CRM to increase sales.


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