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How to add Whatsapp to WordPress Chat?

Three tips to become a PRO user with WhatsApp and WordPress. Make the most out of your WordPress site and WhatsApp. Sell with a chat.

Go to WordPress and Download and install the plugin.

You can install the WhatsApp plugin from inside your WordPress site or you can go to WordPress and Download the plugin.

From the configuration page of «WhatsApp me» you can define the three essential aspects for a professional use of the plugin:

1. The CTA (call to action) in WhatsApp

A message to capture the user’s attention and attract him to perform an action, usually help with any questions and get him to click on the WhatsApp button. For example, “Hello, if you need something we are here to chat for WhatsApp” “do you want to learn more about this product…”, for now this is the basics, but we will give you more PRO ideas to play with the CTA.

2. Send a MESSAGE from WhatsApp to your site visitor

This is the text with which the user will open the chat on WhatsApp, it is vital because it helps us to know where it came from, what page it was when it launched the chat, or what product it was watching. We can put a simple «Hello», but this will not help us much, however using the variables if we can go a step further.

Let’s try a “Hello {SITE}, I was watching {TITLE}. Can you advise me? ». Imagine that we are in the web of a lawyer, once the message is released it will be like this: “Hi Bufete XYZ, I was looking at different forms to set up my company. Can you advise me?”.

As you can see the difference is incredible, since you can know exactly what page the user was watching when he clicked the CTA, in this way you will respond correctly and without wasting time to guess what area of ​​your website comes from. The available variables are {SITE} which is the name of your website, {TITLE} the title of the page and {URL} the full address of the page.

3. The visibility of the green WAme button

From the ADVANCED tab you can configure in which parts of the web you want WAme to appear, you can decide that it is only visible in the pages, but not in the blog entries; or for example that is visible in the product, cart and final purchase pages, and not in the others. The options are multiple and simple to configure.

Once you have arrived here, you will have discovered that WAme is much more than a simple «click to chat with WhatsApp», it is an authentic CRM tool, which helps you improve the conversion ratio on your website.


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