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How to add a specific WhatsApp number for a WordPress category page

You can do it adding a bit of code in your theme functions.php:

add_filter ( 'whatsappme_get_settings', function ($settings, $obj) {
    // In a custom category archive page
    if (is_a( $obj, 'WP_Term' ) and $obj->slug == 'nails') {
        $settings['telephone'] = '99999999999'; // your category phone
    // In a post of custom category
    if (is_a( $obj, 'WP_Post' ) and has_term('nails', 'job_listing_category', $obj)) {
        $settings['telephone'] = '99999999999'; // your category phone

    return $settings;
}, 10, 2 );

This for your your example. In other cases you need to replace 'nails' with the target category slug and 'job_listing_category' if need to target other taxonomy.

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