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How to add a link to WhatsApp from Instagram

How to add WhatsApp to your Instagram channel.

The first question we have to ask ourselves is why we want to add WhatsApp to Instagram. You want to contact your users directly. The problem is that Instagram only lets us add one single link in your profile. This limitation makes us to choose which link we want to put.

We can select a link to our website, or we can add a link directly to our phone in WhatsApp. The option of creating a link to our website is more normal, from our website the user can fill out the form using the e-mail or call us. But if you really want to accelerate sales and contacts, it is best to put a link directly to your phone in WhatsApp. Users can start chatting with you directly using this channel.

Use this free tool to create a link to WhatsApp with a personalised message.

  • Yes you can create your WhatsApp link
  • Yes you can generate WhatsApp chat link

Is WhatsApp better than Instagram chat?

Many users use Instagram as if it were a news blog or a Photo blog. They don’t really see it as a communication channel. WhatsApp however is that communication channel to which we are all pending and where we all communicate with family, friends, customers, suppliers.

So, YES, you need to have WhatsApp as a chat on our Instagram channel. WhatsApp will generate more interaction with users, more messages and more customers in the future.

The easiest way to put that link to WhatsApp on our Instagram channel is simply by copying the link that you can generate with our free tool.

You can also do a Stories with your WhatsApp icon phone number so that users see the WhatsApp icon prominently.

As a summary, both channels are complementary

  • Instagram, you have follower photos and and news
  • with WhatsApp you have the interaction, communication and sales.

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