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How can I install WhatsApp plugin in WordPress?

WhatsApp me - wame - The perfect plugin for gaining and retaining customers

How can I install WhatsApp plugin in WordPress?

If you want to have WhatsApp in your WordPress site, you can follow this easy to follow instructions. WhatsApp me is a free plugin you can install now in your WordPress site on your own. There is no code to install, you just need to follow this simple 5 steps.


How do I integrate WhatsApp into WordPress?

Once you have our plugin installed, you just need to configure where you want the button to appear. You can present your button in your website everywhere, or you can define specific pages, sections or devices to be shown. This configuration will give you the integration of your Website with WhatsApp.

How do I add WhatsApp icon to WordPress?

“WhatsApp me” gives you the “default” WhatsApp icon in your WordPress site by default. We do not change the WhatsApp default icon because this is the icon users trust and use most often. Just use the default icon and create the best channel to engage with your users.

How can I use WhatsApp chat to click?

“WhatsApp me” is the is the best Click to Chat tool. Install WhatsApp me in your WordPress site for free and start chatting with your customers with WhatsApp.

Can I integrate WhatsApp into my website?

Yes you can if you are using WordPress or WooCommerce.


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