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Gloria Exports – B2B WooCommerce

This is one of the best B2B websites you can find.

It is a great example of a website. Easy to use, great design and very easy to use.

WooCommerce for a B2B online store

This website uses WooCommerce to manage the products, categories and portfolio of solutions for the industry. Manufactures of Veterinary Medicines and Feed Supplements.

Gloria Exports are reputed Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers of Veterinary Medicines, Formulations, Feed Supplements, Animal Feeds, Apis, Bulk Drugs, Raw Materials, Disinfectants, Pet Supplies & Accessories.

Our knowledge and experience of procurement along with advance technique in manufacturing ensures that our products are of highest quality standards and hence we are consistently considered as the leading Exporters in these sectors. Both our head office & corporate office is located in the city of Mumbai, hence ensuring quicker turnaround time for manufacturing and procurement of our products.

Contact and sales with WhatsApp

In a website like this one you can find any kind of supplement for your farm. You can not buy online. This is not a problem. Sometimes we need to validate the buyer before doing a sale. Maybe there is a minimum amount of product to purchase, or there are logistics issues we need to solve, customs, money transfers, contracts to be sign… there are plenty of business issues we may need to solve before selling a product in a B2B environment.

But we need to start interacting with our customers ASAP. And there is where we need to have WhatsApp. WhatsApp is going to give us a channel for quick and easy communication with our customers. We will be able to have a quick chat with our customer, solve some FAQs and, if everything moves forward, start with the sale.

WooCommerce and online sales are two different worlds

WooCommerce is a great solution to manage a portfolio of products and generate product pages in our website. That does not mean you need to sell online.

Selling online requieres online payments and be able to ship a product to a customer. If we operate in one market with the same law and we have a secure transportation system and taxes and customs are define and are stable, we can have an online store. WooCommerce will help us creating the online store and integrating all the systems required to complete the transactions and manage the customers.

If we operate cross border with other markets, and custom and taxes and maybe regulation is involve, we may need to validate the customer before closing the sale. All this “paperwork” can be solve using WhatsApp and online contracts.




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