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Do you like FRONTAPP? Here you have a 30% discount

Hi, if you like FRONTAPP we can give you a 30% discount. You need to use this link to get the discount.

What is Front App?

Front App is a shared inbox for your team. FRONT will replace your inbox and will create a shared inbox you can use with your team. If you have emails like “info”, “support” or “sales”, now you can share an inbox with your team and manage all the emails at once. No more lost leads, no more duplicated emails to the same lead… Your team will share an inbox and will know who replies to whom.

Connect your FRONTAPP account with WordPress.

Who needs Front App?

If you have a team of 2, 3 guys for support and sales, FRONT will make your inbox much more manageable and easy to use. And with this link you can have a 30% discount.

Will I have my WhatsApp in Front?

Not yet, but we are working with FRONT to bring your WhatsApp messages to the same Inbox. That way your tema will be able to manage emails, twitters and WhatsApps in once place. No more miscommunication, no more duplicated emails… One inbox for your team. All incoming messages in one place.


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