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Customize the WhatsApp icon in your WordPress

In this new version of WhatsApp Widget that you can use for free we have added two new options that you have asked us frequently.

1. Change the photo of the icon.

Now you can upload a photo or an animated gif that will alternate with the WhatsApp icon that we set by default. It is important that the user see the WhatsApp icon. It is what people recognise and click. You can change this icon in the Image and Tooltip field. The tooltip will serve as a message that will appear next to the photo.

Your WhatsApp icon will look like this on your website and mobile.

2. Customize the message that appears next to the button in the widget.

To change that button you have to use the “Start WhatsApp Button” field. This button allows you to make the click message clearer and more direct. All these versions are free with your widget. Update your version now and start improving your WhatsApp Widget. Update your version of WAme on your WordPress website. Install the plugin.

Customize the WhatsApp button in your widget. Add a personalised message for your customers.

Video summary on how to customize your WhatsApp icon in WordPress


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