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Creating a campaign for a Service Company with WhatsApp

WAme allows all the personalisation at the page level, blog post or product page.

If you access any of your pages, on the right side you will see a panel that allows you to customize the call to action, the message and the visibility. This multiplies the options, because you can create custom calls to action for a specific product page or service page or landing inside your WordPress site.

Create custom landing pages with a good call to action

  1. The Service Company ABC will start an aggressive campaign to attract customers with very important discounts in certain services.
  2. On the pages of these services you have configured a specific CTA, “Hi, you may be interested to know that we are offering a 15% discount on our services for dismissal claims, click and we continue chatting on WhatsApp.”
  3. In the MESSAGE they have customized the following “Hi {SITE}, I am interested in your offer for {TITLE}.” or what is the same “Hi Service Company ABC, I am interested in your offer for Claims Service for dismissal.” But this is not all, because there is also a new option that we released with the latest update.
  4. These campaigns will be attended by a different person, so the phone they configured in the general panel does not work, but from this side panel can configure in addition to the CTA, the MESSAGE and the VISIBILITY, a DIFFERENT PHONE. In this way multiple people of the company can attend specific areas of the web.

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