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Chat, ChatBot and WhatsApp

A Chat window is by default the floating window that we have in many websites to support visitors and customers.

That window is much better than email or a form.

Advantages of the Chat in front of the Email or Form

  • The Chat is present throughout the web. I do not have to go to another page to make the query.
  • The chat is immediate. I do not have to send something and wait for the answer.
  • The Chat is interactive. One question takes you to another and you can chain a conversation. In the mail, it is easy to lose the thread.
  • The Chat is mobile and is with you. The Chat allows you to go everywhere with you.
  • The Chat allows multimedia. We can send videos, location, links, coupons, shopping carts, real-time photos to the user.

Is a Chat the same as a ChatBot?

The difference between a Chat and a ChatBot is that a Chat is manual (a person answers it) and a ChatBot is automatic. In a ChatBot, what we do is program responses to keywords. The more intelligent, sophisticated the better the result. The leader in the market is Google’s DialogFlow for WordPress.

Dialogflow is a Google system that allows us to schedule the questions and answers for our chat. Dialogflow can be integrated with your Chat system and there are many tools available in the market.

When to put a Chat and when to put a ChatBot?

The decision is a matter of cost and opportunity.

If with a Chat I can sell a course or a bicycle, it is probably worthwhile to put a person to attend the Chat. Equally to justify that investment I need a high level of interaction with my Chat. Having an agent for 2 or 3 consultations a day is not justified.

If with the Chat what I do is to support customers, it is best to automate and let the bot respond to 90% of users. There are many frequent doubts that are very recurrent that a bot will respond perfectly.

Is “automated messages” the same as a Chat Bot?

WhatsApp allows us to create automated messages but we are the ones who must send them. Automated messages save us time, but it does not automate the response process. The automated messages allow us to gain time in our day to day and are very highly recommended. Especially in the start message of the support or the message of the call to action (youtube).

Can I do a Chat Bot with WhatsApp?

The best of WhatsApp with the best of a ChatBot. All the tools that WhatsApp has with the automation of a Bot. That’s what we’ve done in WAme and you can try here (ChatBot demo with WhatsApp). In this demo you can test how a bot interacts with you using WhatsApp. This is an exclusive development of WAme. If you want more information or you want to try it in your company, get in touch with us.

WhatsApp is the channel that generates more interaction.
A Bot allows you to scale support areas, customer service, common queries …


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