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Second hand cars sales with WhatsApp is a website using WooCommerce where we can buy second hand cars with WhatsApp in Chile. We wanted to take advantage of this success case of WAme to discuss some issues that we must take care in our website to accelerate sales and get more customers.

1. Use HTTPS. It is important that our website appears as SECURE. If we do not have HTTPS, the message that the user sees in their browser and mobile phone is from the “Not Secure” website and can generate some distrust. An HTTPS certificate is usually free.

2. We believe it is very important to add a “Who we are” section. It is important that users can see our team and see those responsible for the project.

3. In the call to action message, we must be clearer and more direct. In this case, a “Hello, can I help you?” We believe it is improvable. We can start talking about cars, if what the user wants is to buy or sell … We can be clearer and more direct.

4. Verify that we have well installed Analytics. In this case it is not even installed. It is important to measure our traffic and interactions with WhatsApp in Analytics to improve on our website.

ASPIYAN – Second hand cars

Sale of used cars in Iran. This is another great website to buy and sell used cars.


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