Newsletters? Email? Phone? Change to WAme

Customer experience is becoming the ultimate competitive advantage. Today customers experience is broken (email, phone…). Poor engagement. Email has only 20% open rate on averag to engage


FrontApp for WordPress

This is the official plugin to connect your FRONTAPP account to WordPress. Right now you can download and install the plugin from this website. We are in


Add WhatsApp to website

Hi, if you are one of the millions of users using to create a personal website, now you can add WhatsApp to your profile. How you


Benefits of WhatsApp me in your website

Companies everywhere need a simpler way to interact with their customers. Email is not an option for millennials and younger audiences. WhatsApp and ChatBots are the way


Dialogflow WordPress plugin

Hey, we are sorry but there are not solutions for DialogFlow and WordPress. You can go and search in WordPress, but the results are very sad. MyChatbot

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