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Benefits of WhatsApp me in your website

Companies everywhere need a simpler way to interact with their customers. Email is not an option for millennials and younger audiences. WhatsApp and ChatBots are the way to go. WAme offers an easy to use, easy to install solution to connect websites with WhatsApp. This solution is the first step for SME into CRM solutions. We are a “Casual” CRM for SME who want to increase sales and give support.

  1. What´s CASUAL CRM? Ecommerce is a fast pace environment where customers are mostly “one-off” experiences. For that case scenario what SMEs need is a Casual CRM. Simple, easy to use, multimedia and real time.
  2. To enable CASUAL CRM you just need to use our tool. WAme enables a chat box with WhatsApp in any website. Is that simple, easy to use and easy to work. No learning curve. Just install it and it is working.
  3. CASUAL CRMs” is a very big market that is not attended by the traditional CRM companies. The CASUAL CRM market is big but requires a new tool and that is what we have done. A CRM created from the ground up without compromises. Just think about the user experience and keep it as simple as possible.


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