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Add a specific phone number per post / page

If you want to add specific number to specific pages now you can do it. This new feature allows you to create tasks for specific agents.

If you want to create pages for products or services and assign those leads / contacts to an specific agent, you can do it using the new field we have add to each post / page. This new feature makes it perfect for teams to create separate channels for each product / service you want to sell online. Also, this feature makes it great for teams sharing different time zones. If you have a team in Europe / US / Asia, you can set different pages for each team and use a different phone number for each time, time zone, language.

How to add a specific WhatsApp number for individual pages in WordPress

  1. Install our free plugin. Go to our  WordPress page
  2. Add your options for general configuration
  3. Go to the specific pages where you want to add specific phone numbers and overwrite the number you are using
  4. Thank you. 🙂

[NEW!!] Now support specific phone number on every post, page or custom post, to provide a successful contact to the different support agents of your organisation.


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